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At the end of a Kickstarter backer party in Berlin, Amanda Palmer stripped and let everyone draw on her. “If you want to experience the visceral feeling of trusting strangers, I’d recommend this.” Photo: James Duncan Davidson Amanda Fucking Palmer wants us to re-think how we think about paying for…

My Favourite Music Experience

Back when Myspace was a thing, I opened a new “friend’s” Myspace page and was greeted by a song that automatically played when the page was viewed. The song in question was “Coin Operated Boy” by The Dresden Dolls. I was 13 years old at the time, and my first time being exposed to the […]

Furry Friends: The Story of Fey

I really couldn’t imagine myself living out a happy existence without having at least one animal around the house. Once I got a place of my own, it wasn’t long until I found myself a furry friend. I had always been more of a dog person, no offense to cats, but it was just what […]

Black Metal Through the Media’s Lens

Here’s an idea of how I develop a taste for various styles of music.I had never paid much attention to black metal before searching for an essay topic for my “Popular Music in Society” class. I friend suggested I look into the documentary called Until the Light Takes Us , and my discovery went on from there. […]