A bit of a background

Like a lot of kids growing up in the 90s, I grew up with a computer. They couldn’t do what computers can do now, but it was a computer all the same. I was a little obsessed.

Once the Internet became a little more common, that was a bit of a life changer. I’ve always been interested in people; what they like, what they dislike, yadda yadda. Chatrooms were a whole different world, and a new way to interact with people. Early on I learned how people can be like online, and how different it was from meeting someone IRL. I was of the opinion that they were different, but each significant in their own way.

And so my “love obsession” with digital communication carried on as I got older. Soon there was Myspace, YouTube, and MSN (and later Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, etc.); new ways of expression through different forms of media. I never thought having a hobby like this could develop itself into a career ambition.

In high school I got into broadcasting (video production, editing, research, and writing) as well as  design through the school’s yearbook… more outlets to practice my hobbies. Through all of this, it usually revolved around music events and happenings – I guess it became my specialty.

Me recording something for my highschool broadcasting class (2008)

Me recording something for my highschool broadcasting class (2008)

Lucky for me, when time came to graduate, the local university had a media program (yes, it might have been better to go to the college, but I was pressured at the time by those who had more than a little leverage). Either way, all worked out in the end, and I should be graduating  in the coming months.

Now that I’m not taking any classes and working full-time to pay rent, I’ve been feeling out of touch and lacking the online presence I used to maintain.

Where am I hoping to go with these little ambitions? Music publicity just may be my dream job. I’ve always been involved in the arts, but as a promoter more than a creator. It’d be great to be able to focus my time on helping out those who can create so much more than I ever could.


Poster for our old events

Going out to and supporting so many local music events, I was noticed by the promoters who asked if I wanted to help them out with promotion/organizing events. The answer for me was quite obvious. Years later when I got involved with the campus radio station, I eventually got a job organizing their music events (in addition to categorizing new music that came in, writing reviews, writing promos + voicing them once in a while). It was an awesome experience, and I had the pleasure of meeting and working with some really great people. Something I especially liked was the diversity of music I had the chance to experience. I hosted and organized the shows, working with over 50 musical artist groups. Some were local, (The Allens, The Hi-Tones, The Black Frame Spectacle, After Funk, To Tell; and others came from around Ontario (Sarah Blackwood, Walk Off The Earth, The Standstills, Johnny Hollow) . After moving to Guelph, I had the chance to intern at Indie Pool, gaining more experience in the industry. At this point, I really couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

Here’s to the people that have supported my ambitions, and to the experiences (good and bad) yet to be had!



2 thoughts on “A bit of a background

  1. You have an interesting story nicole. it is certainly a blessing to live in the digital age if you are an artist/interested in the arts. I actually just started a video blog about the evolution of arts culture/creative process from my perspective as a musician. it’s just amazing what is possible now that we are so connected. of course digital has its disadvantages too. keep pursuing your passions!

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