Cheese that isn’t cheese

I almost fooled myself today into thinking that I could pull off making vegan mac’n’cheese. That was a mistake. Even now, a few hours later, I can’t get that putrid smell out of my nose. I cannot replicate cheese with tofu…I shouldn’t have even tried playing God. Instead, we made our way across the street to a well-known local pub. It was nice. 

I wish I liked tofu, I really do. I love cooking, and usually volunteer to do it everyday, but it’s becoming more challenging due to my significant other’s stacking allergies. This has lead me to more experimentation with recipes, with not always positive results. 

Our lives really do revolve around food. The quality of meals affects your mood and energy levels, encouraging or disabling people from carrying on with their daily routine. This realization is encouragement enough for me to try to eat better, nutritious food. It’s all part of making yourself better. 

Thinking about this blog idea, I may dedicate a day to my food experiments, just to keep things extra interesting for myself. 

We’ll see what the remaining days of the week end up having 🙂 




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